Awon, Inc. is a Dallas-based management firm with a range of businesses across Texas. Drawing on three decades of experience, our team is devoted to bringing the highest level of financial intuition, strategic planning, and operational integrity to every property within our purview.

Operating in a variety of industries, we approach each of our businesses with the same commitment to maximizing performance and producing lasting results. 



Strategic Planning

Each business has its own set of strengths and challenges. We make it our first priority to thoroughly analyze each of our businesses before establishing tailored, pragmatic plans to make meaningful and lasting improvements and, of course, bring results.   

Financial Responsibility

Identifying and keeping record of assets, revenue, and expenditures serves as the foundation of any successful business. Our team closely studies each of our businesses to make sure every dollar spent or earned is accounted for.

Operational Integrity

We credit our success to the talents and devotion of our employees. Running a business, after all, is a team effort. The heart of our management philosophies is to appreciate and maximize the potential of every employee for the good of the entire team.  

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We handle a mix of different businesses - from full-service carwashes to hotels. To learn more about our operations, click below.

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2522 Plumas Dr.

Lewisville, TX 75056



P: (469) 464-3273

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm